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The Week In Good News (06/07)

Did you know energy can be extracted from a black hole? Well, now it can. An experiment that has been undergoing for 50 years has revealed that energy can be extracted from a black hole. The experiment shows that a theoretical process can be used to explore physical properties of some of the most extreme objects. Find out more>>>

In the Greenland coast, a large garden of soft corals has been discovered! The discovery of this ecosystem has revealed how little we know about the deeper regions of the sea. This is because it takes a lot of high-level equipment to explore the deep-sea due to the oceanic pressure. Scientists are now calling for it to be classified as a vulnerable marine ecosystem. Find out more>>>

Mary W. Jackson. You might be familiar with this name because of the film Hidden Figures -but if you’re not, Mary was the first female black engineer at NASA. And it was announced that the NASA headquarters will be named after her. Mary was a part of the group who successfully brought American astronauts to space!  Find out more>>>

A new E-skin has been created by a team of scientists from the US and China. Just like other e-skin designs it maintains flexibility and lightness while accommodating of human comfort factors, like breathability and bacterial resistance. It is also incredibly sensitive and can detect the smallest movements such as a twitch in the eye. Find out more>>>

A new genus of trapdoor spiders has been discovered in Australia. Trapdoors spiders create hidden burrows with silk-hinged trapdoors from which they emerge to then grab their prey. Find out more>>>

The Oceans Voyages institute recently made history as they have removed 103 tonnes of fishing nets and consumer plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The biggest hoarder of ocean plastic in the world! Find out more>>>

For the first time, scientists have been able to capture footage of brains clearing out dead neurons. It is known that our brains carry a waste disposal system which has the important job of stopping dead and toxic neurons from disrupting pathways in the body. And this is the first-time scientists have been able to actually see the process of how it happens. Find out more>>>

Explore deep into the Ningaloo Canyons with this video showcasing the amazing biodiversity of the region. Nerida Wilson the senior research scientist at the Western Australian Museum led this expedition which made great discoveries such as the bioluminescent octopus squid and many more. Find out more>>>

The newest X-Ray instrument in space has revealed an astonishing view of the universe and is the deepest view of the sky to date! X-ray astronomy allows scientists to study neutron stars, binary star systems, and supernova remnants, and also assists in detecting black holes. Find out more>>>

A new nanomaterial has been created by UC Riverside scientists that gives robots chameleon skin! The nanomaterial consists of gold particles which changes colour as a  response to any type of movement. Find out more>>>

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