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The Week in Good News (05/04)

Have you ever wondered how Gorillas communicate? This article breaks down how they interact. Read more>>

Polestar the electric car brand has revealed its plan to create a climate-neutral car with the aim to eliminate all carbon emissions within the production process by 2030. Read more>>

A new Norwegian app is being designed to help combat ocean plastic pollution. The app will be used to identify the path of the plastic waste so further action can be taken. Read more>>

TikTok has announced that they have joined the coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online. To find out more about the actions being taken to reduce wildlife trafficking – read the full post here>>

Scientists are using 3D printing to develop tiny self-organising brains allowing them to observe the growth and development of brains at an affordable price. Read more>>

Nendo a Japanese studio has designed a carton and pump from recycled paper which can substitute single-use plastic soap dispensers. Read more>>

AI is bringing photos of deceased loved ones to life. The Deep Nostalgia tool launched by MyHeritage has added several new expressions that you can apply to photos of the deceased. Expressions include blowing kisses and dancing to a beat. Read more>>

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