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The Week in Good News (04/10)

The UK Studio Grimshaw has designed a pavilion topped with 1055 solar panels in Dubai. The pavilion generates all of its own water and energy, and it contains various exhibition spaces. Find out more>> 

Using DNA phenotyping, a gene-tech company has digitally reconstructed the faces of three Egyptians from their mummified remains. The advances in genome sequencing could revolutionise ancient DNA analysis. Find out more>> 

The WHO has approved for a vaccine against malaria to be wide spread across Africa. The vaccine could prevent up to 4 in 10 cases in malaria, and could save tens of thousands of lives. Find out more>> 

Fortune has released their list of the most powerful women internationally who are at the top of the world’s largest businesses. One of the top 10 includes Helena Helmersson who was the head of sustainability at H&M. Find out more>> 

Jim Naughten’s wildlife fictions, a series of images that include orangutans in a psychedelic forest. Envision a new natural world combined with fantasy. The exhibition is in support of Fauna & Flora International, a wildlife conservation organisation. Find out more>> 

MindLabs, a platform that is designed to reduce anxiety and stress has just received a $3.5 million seed to make wellbeing as engaging as possible. The app features live video classes, with a focus on community engagement. Find out more>> 

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