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The Week in Good News (04/01)

An 8yearold from Atlanta has created The Empowered Readers Literacy Project with the aim to tackle illiteracy in the juvenile system, and to address the issue of diverse representation in books. Selah Thompson’s initiative has resulted in over 8,000 books being given to children and young people. Find out more >>

possible solution to Earth’s problem with fresh water management? Researchers at the University of Texas and Penn State have found a way to give reverse osmosis membranes a uniform densityThe end result is that membranes are up to 40% more efficient when cleaning waterand they require less energy to do so! Find out more >>

Take a peek at some stunning architecture set to be completed in 2021. From a memorial in Niger for individuals who lost their lives in fighting in the West African Country, to a large waste-to-energy plant in Shenzhen which will generate its own sustainable energy. Find out more >>

A study at Brown University’s Carney Institute for Brain Science has found the specific parts of the brain that signal emotional wellness. Researchers used a brain imaging technique called proton magnetic spectroscopy, and their findings could go on to enrich scientists’ understanding of emotional fluidity, aggression, and positive agency. Find out more >>

Baking has definitely been the theme of this pandemic, but could it have value in medical treatments? Scientists at the University of Ottawa are using bread as a scaffold for human muscle, skin, and bone cells, which could decrease the cost of medical treatments. Find out more >> 

Pa Salieu, a young Gambian-British rapper, has been named the BBC Music Sound of poll 2021 winner. His music offers a unique take on Britain, as he spent much of his childhood in Gambia, and it is an ode to many young Black Briton’s. Find out more >>

A distinctively coloured bunting bird has brought a ray of sunshine to Washington DC. Word of the bright bird has spread, with hundreds flocking to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park in DC to see the small arrival. Find out more >>

One of Dante’s most important literary works, alongside rare illustrative sketches by Federico Zuccari, is being publicly shown in its totality for the first timeThe Uffizi Gallery is offering a free virtual exhibition of the drawings inspired by The Divine Comedy. Find out more >>

Virgil Abloh, Evian’s creative advisor for sustainable innovation design, has created a water bottle that can be fully recycled. Evian has committed to being entirely circular by 2025, and Abloh’s new design is part of the brand’s positive sustainable change. Find out more >>

Astronomers from the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics have found the most distant, and oldest galaxy known to manThey hope to learn more about how the Universe has evolvedand perhaps even return to the beginnings of time to witness the first galaxies and stars form! Find out more >>    



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