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Water shortage

The Week in Good News (03/05)

Recent studies reveal ‘revolutionary’ new materials that could help put an end to the world’s water shortage. Read more>>

A Caltech graduate reveals that studies involving the way Jupiter’s tides behave can help reveal the history of the solar system. Read more>>

A hospital in Senegal has been completely revamped; with their doctors, medical staff, local officials and patients leading on the amazing new design. Read more>>

Teun Zwets has demonstrated the potential of using discarded materials to create design products in his new ‘Teunlandexhibition. As part of this show, Teun decided to disrupt the conventional planter with his ‘Pulp’ project. Read more>>

An online grocery store called GreenChoice now allows you to filter out products based on your values. Read more>>

Scientists have discovered that hazy atmospheres cause cellular data to ricochet in odd patterns. Scientists may be able to use this interference to better understand and predict severe smoke events in the future. Read more>>

A new bionic vision system is giving sight back to the blind. Read more>>

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