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The Week in Good News (01/03)

Anj Sharma, a 16-year-old student, is heading to an Australian court to launch a landmark case that aims to protect young people from the impact of climate change. The young activist was involved in the climate strike rallies of over 100,000 students in AustraliaFind out more >>

In New Zealand, the kitefin shark, blackbelly lantern shark, and southern lantern shark have all been found to be bioluminescent. The three sharks all have soft glowing blue patterned skin, and their bellies light up enabling their active camouflageFind out more >>

Marjan Van Aubel, a Dutch designer, has created a self-sufficient solar lamp that can generate its own energy. The light has photovoltaic cells which can harvest and hold energy, that can be used to light up a room at night. Find out more >>

Teachers from Clifton Green Primary in York and their school dog foxy have delivered over 430 books to students for World Book Day. Some of the students, who have not been in school since December, were overjoyed to receive a book to enjoy on the 4th March. Find out more >>

Asobo, a start-up based in Kenya, have offered fishermen the first electric fishing boats which are charged via solar energy. The new boats should reduce the negative impact of emissions into Lake Victoria, whilst also protecting the livelihoods of those who are reliant on the lake. Find out more >>

Netflix is committing $5 million to boost training and mentorship of female filmmakers. The pledge is part of a larger budget of $20 million, which is to create opportunities for those from diverse backgrounds. Find out more >>

NASA is beginning testing on the X-57 Maxwell, which is the agency’s first all-electric aircraft. Testing beginning on this aircraft could be the beginning of the possibility of cleaner skies, and the aviation industry being less reliant on fossil fuels. Find out more >>

Researchers have developed a novel optical sensor that could allow humans to see through the visual system of the mantis shrimp, which has the world’s most complex visual system. The organic photodetector is capable of simultaneous hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging. Find out more >>

A multinational team is training AI algorithms to imitate a dog’s ability to detect diseases in humans. The researchers have developed artificial-intelligence-based non-invasive tool, which could be as effective as a dog’s ability to identify prostate cancer. Find out more >>         

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