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The Week in Good News (01/02)

Gjenge Makers, a social enterprise in Kenya, have taken the plastic waste from factories, and transformed it into bricks. The plastic waste has been used to create over 1,000 bricks a day, and the social enterprise has been awarded the United Nations Environmental Programme’s Young Champions of the Earth for 2020 award. Find out more >>

In the southwest of Iceland, workers are installing fans to suck carbon dioxide from the air, hoping to turn it into stone deep in the ground. Iceland may have found a permanent solution to battle climate change. Find out more >>

Britian’s population of wild cranes is on the rise, after they vanished from the UK in the 17th Century. A reintroduction programme by conservationists has spurred a comeback, and this leaves hope that more wetland habitats could see wider protections to preserve species. Find out more >>

Vatány Szabolcs, a Hungarian designer, has developed a font and browser extension that makes it easier for those with ADHD to focus when reading online. The personalised technology allows the user to actively engage with text, and allows you to adjust the design as you see fit. Find out more >>

The first Augmented Reality British Sign Language Book has joined the UK governments Tech Innovation Scheme. The book utilises immersive technologies to help young children express themselves, and communicate complex concepts in their early years. Find out more >>

The Square Kilometre Array Observatory have confirmed plans for the world’s largest telescope to be built in the next decade. The telescope should help answer some astronomers’ burning questions – where were the first stars formed? Is there life out there? Find out more >> 

The newly discovered nano chameleon has been found to be the smallest reptile known to man. The miniscule species can sit on the edge of a fingertip, and was discovered in MadagascarFind out more >>

Take a peek at 12 artists to keep your eye on in 2021 from locations like London, Los Angeles, Helsinki and NigeriaTheir work is varied, focusing on community structures, satire, feminism and childhoodFind out more >>

Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine have found that resistance exercise training directly leads to a decrease in anxiety. As little as two training sessions could alleviate stress and drive positive structural changes in the brain. So, this weekend have a go at lifting some weights. Find out more >>

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