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The Week in Good News (03/08)

Helsinki is making big moves as one of the top innovators by launching the ‘Helsinki energy challenge’ which focuses on decarbonising the city’s heating. Innovators should bring their ideas on how to create new clean heating solutions that can be passed onto other global cities. Read more>>

The public are generally wearing face masks due to COVID-19. But repeated use of these mask can leave them worn out with tiny holes. Scientists are thinking of solving this issue by synthesising special proteins founds in squid that can increase the life of masks. Read more>>

Take a look at the amazing artwork produced by the 10th annual Art of Neuroscience Contest. Artists and scientists have submitted their work using various mediums showing the connection between the arts and neuroscience. Read more>>

The Ocean Conservation Trust has planted their first seeds in the seagrass cultivation laboratory at the National Marine Aquarium. This is part of the £2.5 million habitat restoration project. The Trust will be cultivating up to 360,000 plants a year! Read more>>

The Elephant Listening project is now using AI to study elephant calls. As you can imagine it’s hard to figure out what forest elephants are up to and how they are using their environment. So, the project team came up with the idea of listening in to the elephants’ conversations to find out more about them. Read more>>

Virgin Galactic has partnered with Rolls-Royce to reveal a new high-speed commercial aircraft design which can fly at a much lower altitude than other passenger spacecraft. Read more>>

Scientists have found out that abstract art has the potential to change the way we look at everyday life. This type of art can possibly allow our minds to focus on abstract ideas rather than specific details when it comes to daily activities. Read more>>

New discoveries have been made showing a twenty per cent boost in the number of penguin colonies in Antarctica. Satellite images found two colonies of penguins at a location that scientists hadn’t known of previously. Read more>>

Scientists have made a 3D ‘Google Earth’ of the brain. Maps of the human brain are everywhere – but how well do they actually represent our brains? The Julich-Brain takes into consideration the individual differences of brains using a computational framework. Read more>>

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