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Learning from industry experts with Reverend Jide Macaulay

At LIS, we want to give students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world of work within the context of different industries and sectors.  

As part of the learning experience, we provide students with access and opportunities to engage with a growing and active community of employers and organisations through the LIS Network:  a broad and diverse community who are committed to tackling complex problems. Throughout their participation in LIS events, LIS Network organisations can play a meaningful role in supporting students throughout their academic and professional development during their time at LIS, and beyond. 

‘Lunch and Learn’ 

During the Sprint, students heard from LIS Network businesses, organisations, and individuals, spanning a broad range of sectors, industries and backgrounds. During these Lunch and Learn sessions, designed to allow for open dialogue and learning, speakers shared their personal and professional experiences Sprint students were then able to put these shared experiences into context; using them as a starting point to develop their own ideas. 

Introducing Reverend Jide Macaulay 

Reverend Jide Macaulay was a guest speaker for a Lunch and Learn session during Sprint #2, which focused on tackling issues of unfairness. 

Reverend Jide is British Nigerian, the founding Pastor and CEO at House Of Rainbow CIC and openly gay. Jide is also a CEO, Christian minister, Anglican Priest, inspirational speaker, author, poet, and activist, who focuses his ministry on inclusion and reconciliation of sexuality, spirituality and human rights.  

During the session, Jide explored the value of Human Rights in the UK compared to Nigeria, his country of heritage and where he has lived and worked as an openly gay man. 

He says:  

Nigeria, unlike the UK, still criminalizes same sex relationships despite the wealth of information that now speaks to the authenticity of homosexuality. During the Lunch and Learn session with the Sprinters, I shared a rough timeline of events between the UK and Nigeria on homosexuality, the laws, and what social characteristics influence or change feelings of homophobia. The students were attentive, interactive, inquisitive and asked intelligent questions, which reaffirmed their understanding of the challenges on both sides of the narratives. 


Thanks to LIS Network participants like Reverend Jide, LIS students will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the working world and develop their own professional networks, which they will be able to access and cultivate even as alumniTo learn more about the Network or join as a business or organisation, visit the LIS Network page. 

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