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New Internships Announcement

Kristen Stockdale

We are excited to announce that Winnow, Olio, allplants, X+Why, Toast Ale, Frontline, B Lab UK, and Founders Factory will be offering internships alongside Virgin, McKinsey, Innocent, Funding Circle, and the Metropolitan Police.

Winnow uses cutting-edge AI to help reduce food waste in commercial kitchens. So far, Winnow has helped commercial kitchens save more than £20m in annualised food costs – which equates to preventing over 23m meals going in the bin.

Olio connects neighbours with each other so that they can share surplus food rather than throw it away. Launched in 2015, Olio has grown from a local initiative in north London to an organisation with a presence in 46 countries and over 900,000 users.

allplants deliver healthy, convenient, and 100% plant-based meals straight to your door. They’ve raised over £7.5m so far which will be used to broaden their menu, grow their community, and expand the capacity of their production kitchen (which operates on renewable and waste-created energy).

– Toast Ale brew beer using unsold bread from retailers. They donate all of their distributable profits to the charity Feedback and, in March this year, Toast won a major award for advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Responsible Consumption and Production.

– X+Why is a modern coworking space in Whitechapel which opened in March 2019. The space itself focus on design, wellness, technology, local community, and culture. X+Why houses meaningful, purpose-driven organisations who demonstrate the link between doing good and doing well.

B Lab UK is a nonprofit organisation supporting a community of UK-based B Corporations. Forbes has recently described the B Corps movement as “redefining success in business from the best in the world — generating the most revenue — to the best FOR the world.”

Frontline is a charity that recruits and trains social workers to work with the most vulnerable people in society. The charity has cross-party support, with Education Secretary Damien Hinds recently announcing plans to fund 900 places on their children’s social work training programme.

Founders Factory work with corporate clients to speed the growth of new startups. They’ve recently branched out to emerging markets in Africa and are aiming to design, build, and scale 100 disruptive tech startups across the continent over the next 5 years.

All of the above are young, disruptive, and purpose-driven organisations. Winnow, Olio, allplants, and Toast are reimagining society’s approach to sustainable food. X+Why and B Lab UK are driven by the idea that profit shouldn’t come at the expense of society and the environment. Frontline is combatting social disadvantage. Founders Factory help these sorts of startups take-off. We can’t wait to see what our LIS students achieve with them.


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