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8 months of Student Experience at LIS

Here at LIS, we believe that Student Experience should be the bridge between in-classroom-teaching and out-of-classroom socialising, all while introducing you to this incredibly vibrant city we are located in. As we’re wrapping up Term 2 here at LIS, we’re looking back upon 8 months of Student Experience (SXP).  

The year started with Freshers’ Week done differently. While our students still had the chance to explore all London has to offer for newly minted university students, we wanted to give them a distinct experience here at LIS from the get-go. Throughout the week our students were treated to experiences ranging from scavenger hunts, theatre workshops, watching a home-made bot plagiarise (very poorly), laughing yoga, a no holes barred panel with our faculty and staff, and a bullet journaling workshop. The week ended with each student receiving a personalised invitation to a bespoke experience based on their interests, and a surprise 3-course meal in the Hoxton arches (pictured below).

We then embarked on our first academic semester, where students were tasked with looking at, analysing, and questing inequality. From the SXP side we wanted to offer a more localised perspective on inequality. We therefore organised a tour of Brick Lane with someone who used to be a rough sleeper there, and a screening and director Q&A of the film “The Street” which portrays gentrification in Hoxton. Students also had the chance to participate in the first ever student representatives election
, as well as starting their own societies. We had an astonishing 15 societies launched, ranging from ‘football’ and ‘music’ to ‘tough conversations’ and ‘exploring cultures’. However, the term would not have been complete without spirited discussions between staff and students on how LIS can be better, a Pumpkin Carving Competition, and trips to Christmas markets.

Our second term was themed around sustainability. We took this chance to make the most of all the sustainability themed exhibitions around London (of which there are a lot). Besides this, student got a deeper look into innovative inner-city agriculture, by travelling 30 meters underground to watch how micro-greens are being grown in a completely artificial environment. The students also played football against the staff. Much to the excitement of the students, they have won every time. On the other hand, our bi-annual Students vs. Staff competition took the form of a pub quiz, which the LIS staff left victoriously. Who knew, that knowing the names of all of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs would one day pay off? But a true highlight was watching senior management battle it out on “Just Dance” at our end-of-term celebration.  

Looking back, we’ve gotten lost in people’s backyards doing the Parkland Walk, we’ve built spaghetti and marshmallow towers, we’ve had spirited conversations on the backend of provocative films, we’ve planned (and overslept) sunrise walks, and we have been to what feels like every Museum in London. After two terms of Student Experience at LIS we know that we want to continue doing things differently.  

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