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Introduction to Problems 1c


Problems 1c is the culmination of the first year, building on and integrating previous learning from both Problems and Methods modules.  

Led by faculty members Dr Mattia Gallotti and Isaiah Wellington-Lynn, the focus of Problems 1c is still a complex problem, as in Problems 1a and 1b. However, this time  each student can choose the problem they will work on independently.  

Throughout the term, students will design and conduct their individual project under the supervision of a member of the faculty. The result will take the form of a two-part study,drawing together qualitative and quantitative concepts and methods learned in terms one and two. Along with the written study, students will submit a product that synthesises and communicates their findings to an interdisciplinary audience. 

As an end-of-year module, Problems 1c will help students take stock of the progress they have made throughout their first year of their interdisciplinary degree, reflect on their educational journey at LIS, and develop personal skills through planning, research, independent learning, networking and initiative.  


Term three kicked off on Monday, April 25th, and students have seven weeks to develop and complete their projects. Whilst there’s no reading week, in term time students will: 

  • Meet with their supervisor  to discuss and agree on a plan that will support them through designing, developing, implementing, and completing their project by the end of term.   
  • Attend  faculty  and  peer group feedback sessions. In faculty sessions, students will have the opportunity to learn about fundamental project and research management skills essential to completing their project. Peer group feedback will allow them to catch up with a group of fellow students and share views on their work and progress.  
  • Attend product workshops with professional experts. Product experts will deliver dedicated workshops and offer advice on how to generate the student’s chosen type of product for the final assignment.


Problems 1c is about the integration of learning from across all modules studied so far at LIS.  

The outcome of the seven-week project will be an academic study of the problem, drawing on concepts and methods learned in qual and quant modules throughout the year, accompanied by a  product which students will need to design themselves.  

The final product champions the value of interdisciplinarity, recognises its complexity, and showcases its importance to the world outside of academia. Students will have five product-type options: video, audio, textual, design, and visual.  

On the final day of term,  Friday 10th June, students will present their projects to an interdisciplinary audience and talk through the integration they’ve achieved. 


Curious to learn more about independent interdisciplinary projects? Get in touch with the module leader, Dr Mattia Gallotti: 


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