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For the curious: London in July for under £10

Kristen Stockdale

London is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to London.

Ok fine, that’s actually Douglas Adams talking about space – but you get the point. London is a big city with a lot going on. To the outsider (and to many insiders) it can feel difficult to really tap into everything that London has to offer. This is why we’ve put together a events calendar for July, featuring a variety of interesting talks and exhibitions – all for £10 or less.

In chronological order…

– On now: Medicine Man at the Wellcome Collection. Find out how different people at different points in history view the basics of life: birth, health, sex, and death. (Free)

– On now: Leonardo da Vinci: a Mind in Motion at the British Library. Explore Leonardo’s fascination with ‘the cause of all life’: motion. (£4-7)

– On now: Museum of the Moon at the Natural History Museum. A 6 meter model of the moon with meticulous detail. (Free) 

– On now: Driverless: Who is in Control? at the Science Museum. Experience a glimpse into the AI-driven technology behind autonomous vehicles. (Free) 

– On now: AI: More than Human at the Barbican. A festival-style exhibition exploring creative and scientific developments in AI. (£10 for ages 14-17) 

– On now: Imaginary Cities at the British Library. Four technology-based art installations of fictional cityscapes for the Information Age. (Free)

– 1st July: Climate Change Challenges: Lessons from Bangladesh with the Royal Geographical Society. A panel discusses ways in which Bangladesh responds to climate challenges. (Free)

– 3rd July+: Hicham Berrada: Dreamscapes at the Southbank Centre. An exhibition of kaleidoscopic sculptures, installations, and video works inspired by science. (Free)

– 4th July: How the World Conceals its Secrets at the Royal Society of Arts. Writer and Broadcaster Michael Blastland shares his research into the anomalies of the world. (Free) 

– 5th July: Taking Climate Action – the battle for our lives! at The Law Society. A free debate on high-profile climate action with a hard-hitting panel. (Free)

– 6th July+: Earth Photo with the Royal Geographical Society. Come and see 50 photos and 4 films that document the diversity of our planet. (Free)

– 10th July: Making a Mockery: Exploring Humour and Satire in Art at the Royal Academy. A panel exploring the role of humour and satire in contemporary art. (£9 for ages 16-18)

– 10th July+: Top Secret: From Ciphers to Cyber Security at the Science Museum. Discover the world of codebreaking, ciphers, and secret communications. (Free) 

– 11th July: Sensing the Machine-Body Interface at the Science Museum. An interdisciplinary workshop on medicine, technology, and embodiment. (Free) 

– 12th July: Who’s Responsible for our Oceans? at the Science Museum. A panel of experts explores how science can inform climate policy. (£5)

– 13th July: Plastic in the Thames at the Natural History Museum. Meet an environmental scientist and take a walk along the Thames. (Free) 

– 18th July: A New Approach to a New World of Work at the Royal Society of Arts. A panel hosted by LIS on polymathy and the future of work. (Free)

– 22nd July: Extinction Rebellion at Owl Bookshop. Meet the editors of ‘This is Not a Drill, an Extinction Rebellion Handbook’. (£7.99, ticket includes a copy of This is Not a Drill) 

– 25th July: Writers on the Racing Mind at Waterstones Piccadilly. An evening of discussion about writing and mental health. (£6) 

– 28th July: Fabulosa! The Story of Polari, Britain’s Secret Gay Language with the Conway Hall Ethical Society. Join Professor Paul Baker as he recounts the story of Polari. (£4-8)

– 31st July: Moon Conspiracy Theories Explained at the Science Museum. Hear a panel of space experts get to the bottom of why conspiracy theories take hold. (£10) 

We’ll share our August event calendar soon. If you have anything you’d like to add, please get in touch at

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