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Financial Support options for BASc students at LIS

Choosing where you’ll study your undergraduate degree is a major decision. We want to make sure you have all the financial information you need to make the choice that’s right for you. This short guide details some of the main ways you can access funding if you attend LIS as an undergraduate student.

Student finance 

LIS is a registered Higher Education provider, which means UK and settled EU students are eligible to apply to student finance during their period of study. 

You can learn more about Tuition Fee Loans, Maintenance Loans, and your personal eligibility for these options on the government’s Student Finance page. 

Financial support bursary 

LIS students with a household income (i.e. the combined earnings of parents or carers) below £25,000 a year are eligible for financial support bursaries in each year of their degree. These bursaries typically provide £1,000 per year, paid directly to the student. Recipients of the financial support bursary won’t need to pay anything back to LIS. 

Hardship grants 

We understand that financial situations can change. That’s why we’ve set up a fund to specifically meet the needs of students experiencing financial hardships, to support them when they most need help. Students can access these grants at any time throughout their study at LIS and can do so multiple times, if necessary. The grant allocations are decided on a case-by-case basis, and are distributed to students directly, as and when these situations arise. Recipients of the hardship grants won’t need to pay anything back to LIS. 

The LIS Foundation 

The LIS Foundation is an independent charity that was established to provide additional support to LIS students.  

The Foundation Trustees have made a range of awards available to students who fall into specific groups: 

  • Students from relatively low-income households (i.e. students whose household income is between £25,000- £45,000 per year)  
  • Students who are estranged from their parents 
  • Students with experience of being in care 

The LIS Foundation bursaries typically range from £1,000 per year for students from relatively low-income households, and up to £2,000 per year for students who are estranged from their parents or who have experience of being in care. 

LIS students and prospective students can apply to these bursaries on an annual basis. If a student’s circumstances do not change, they can expect a grant given in year 1 of study to be renewed in years 2 and 3. Recipients of the LIS Foundation bursaries won’t need to pay anything back to the LIS Foundation. 


As part of our internships programme, we’ll be brokering opportunities for all students who are eligible and in good academic standing. Internships typically run for 5 weeks, and are paid the London Living Wage as a minimum.  

International students 

The information provided applies to UK students, as well as EU students holding settled and pre-settled status under the European settlement scheme. Any information about Student Finance support and EU students is based on the best of our current knowledge, and shouldn’t be taken as definitive. We recommend that all students research their options fully. 

Although we hold a sponsorship licence and welcome international students, we’re not able to offer bursaries to international students at this time. You can find out more on the International students page. 

Need more guidance? We can help. 

Everyone’s situation is different, and you may want to speak to someone directly to discuss your options. You can contact the LIS team by email, phone, or in person.  

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