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A Snapshot of the LIS Applicant Pool

Last week, we kicked off the first round of interviews for our undergraduate degree. We’re excited to finally be meeting applicants, some of which may go on to become part of our 2021 founding cohort! Although applications are still open, we’re taking a moment to look at some of the brilliant submissions we’ve received so far.  

So, what does an LIS applicant look like? 

Since applications opened, we’ve received submissions from 

34 countries

6 continents

80+ subject areas

From physics to philosophy, Afrikaans to art, economics to engineering, and computer science to creative writing… the wide range of subjects that LIS candidates are studying is proof that theres no such thing as a typical LIS applicant. 

But what our applicants do share is intellectual curiosity. They welcome academic challenges and value knowledge from across a broad range of fields. They think critically and apply what they know to tackle complex problems.  

Most importantly, they care about something greater than themselves, and want to shape what the future could look like.

Does this sound like you? 

There will only be one founding cohort at LIS. And there’s still time to join. Apply by 5th of March to be part of the next wave of interviews.   

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