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Do you believe in interdisciplinary learning? Do you want to help young people become future leaders? Are you looking for a purpose-driven team? Then come join LIS!

LIS is made up of an outstanding group of academics, entrepreneurs and educationalists with a shared vision: to prepare students for the future.

By joining LIS, you will have the opportunity of a generation to be part of a mission-driven team. You will be at the forefront of the interdisciplinary education movement, helping to build a new university fit for the demands of the future.

This is an exciting time to join LIS: we’re ranked as one of Escape the City’s top 100 organisations to escape to in 2021, and our first cohort of students will be joining us from September.

Explore the roles available below:

There are currently no roles available at LIS. Sign up to the LIS Network to be the first to know about future opportunities or get in touch at

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