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Why are we paying students to join us on an LIS Sprint?

From January 2021 we will be running two Sprints to test our first term and our innovative Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods curriculum. Participants will join us for five weeks as paid learners – what could be a better arrangement than that, being paid to learn?! During each Sprint students will road-test the challenges we have set ourselves and our students in delivering the very first part of our curriculum. This is based not on school subjects or university disciplines, but on real-world problems surrounded by learning a range of methods and ways of thinking that one can use to tackle… Read more »

What’s good about subjects – and what’s bad about them

The world is a complex, messy and interconnected place. Human brains are powerful, but they can struggle to deal with all this complexity. Perhaps the biggest limitation our brains place on our ability to handle complex problems is our working memory. Our working memory is limited to just 4-7 items of information at any one time. Any more than that and we are easily overwhelmed. Think of that feeling you get when you are asked to memorise a 10 digit phone number in a few seconds. That’s cognitive overload! And that is always the risk when you learn anything new,… Read more »