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Dr Amelia Peterson

Head of Learning and Teaching

Amelia is a social scientist with a background in policy and consulting. Amelia studies education reforms and their relationship to social, geographic and labour market inequalities.

Prior to LIS, Amelia was an LSE Fellow in Social Policy. She has also taught and supervised students at the University of Bristol and at Harvard, where she received her PhD.

I joined LIS because...

"I’ve studied education reforms for long enough to know that the biggest change is possible through the creation of new institutions. I’ve been fortunate to be part of some fantastic universities but there are still so many ways in which higher education is constricted by disciplinary silos. LIS has created a ground-breaking curriculum that respects the importance of disciplines but explicitly teaches students how to connect, integrate and apply them to complex problems. That’s the frontier of knowledge we need to crack today and I could not be more excited to be working on it.”

"I think that LIS students are going to have some really interesting things to say to the world and I'm looking forward to helping you do that."

Top fields of disciplines


Political science



Prior to joining LIS, Amelia was an LSE Fellow in Social Policy. She holds a PhD in Education Policy and Programme Evaluation and a master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology, both from Harvard University. During her studies, she was a Harvard Inequality and Social Policy Fellow, as well as a junior visiting scholar in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford. Amelia also has a first class degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford.

Amelia has studied a wide range of issues related to the adaptation of education systems to emerging and future conditions. Her dissertation traced contemporary changes in upper secondary education, including the “hybridisation” of academic and vocational education. Her work has been published in both academic and practitioner books and journals and recognised by an award from the American Political Science Association. She is the co-author of Thrive: The Purpose of Schools in a Changing World.

Amelia joined Harvard from Innovation Unit, a non-profit consultancy based in London which works on transformation in education, health, and social services. Beyond Innovation Unit, Amelia has been commissioned by international and national organisations including the OECD, the RSA, and Nesta.

Amelia has taught and supervised undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard, the University of Bristol, and the London School of Economics. She has also been an intervention teacher for 11 to 16-year-olds in a state secondary school here in the UK.

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