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Dr Priya Lall


Priya is a social epidemiologist whose work has promoted social justice causes in developing countries. Some of these causes include access to healthcare for marginalised groups and the provision of water and sanitation.

Priya has previously lectured on research methods, health, and environmental change and is keen to challenge and share insights with other learners.

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Priya has degrees in Sociology and Politics from Warwick University. She completed her PhD at the University of Oxford in Social Policy and Social Intervention where her thesis focussed on the susceptibility and vulnerability of Indian women to the impact of HIV/AIDS. 

Priya has worked in a number of developed and developing countries, including India, Malaysia, and Singapore. She moved to Cambodia in 2013 to develop a programme with WaterSHED that fosters women’s empowerment through social marketing strategies in water, sanitation, and hygiene. 

Soon after, also in Cambodia, Priya researched a set of sanitation programmes for the World Bank with the aim of reducing poverty and enhancing the quality of life for impoverished sections of the population. 

In 2014, Priya became a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Malaya, where she worked on the social dynamics on HIV/AIDS transmission in Malaysia. In 2016, she was a Research Fellow at the Lee Kon Chian School of Medicine in Singapore and then, in 2017, she became a lecturer and Visiting Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London.

Priya’s expertise lies in qualitative and quantitative research. She uses an evidence-based approach to assess the feasibility and performance of social and healthcare interventions when addressing the needs of vulnerable populations.

Priya has managed projects in multi-disciplinary teams in governmental and academic settings. She has also published peer-reviewed articles and reports on social work, forced migration, and HIV.

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