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Dr Ash Brockwell

Lead on problem-based Learning

Ash is an artist, writer, and consultant.

Ash has spent time in Tanzania and the UK successfully working on issues around education, sustainability, diversity, and wellbeing.

Dr. Ash Brockwell LIS




Mixed methods research design

Molecular biology





I’m hoping that one of the things I can do here at LIS is to promote equality and diversity, not just in relation to gender but in other respects as well.

Dr. Ash Brockwell LIS

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Ash holds a masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a second masters in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Kent. He holds a PhD in Education for Sustainability from Wageningen University and Research Centre in The Netherlands. 

After graduating from Oxford, Ash moved to Tanzania to become a founder and Co-Director of the arts organisation Aang Serian (House of Peace). This project evolved into a rural secondary school offering an innovative intercultural education programme and Indigenous Knowledge programme, which Ash developed with local youth and elders alongside the national curriculum. 

Whilst in Tanzania, Ash received two grants from Equality Now for a grassroots project which involved the whole community in ending female genital mutilation. This resulted in over 100 FGM practitioners abandoning the practice – which was almost entirely eradicated in at least half of the villages where the project took place. In parallel, he worked on medicinal plants and indigenous ethnoecological knowledge as a Research Associate of the Global Initiative for Traditional Systems of Health.

In 2010, Ash returned to the UK to join the University of Brighton’s Values and Sustainability Research Group, before becoming a Research Fellow there in 2012. He has contributed to over 30 peer-reviewed publications spanning the fields of design, evaluation, environmental management, international public health policy, ethnopharmacology and sustainability. One of these, which incorporated visual art and poetry, was awarded the Working Paper Prize at the international launch of the Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre (CASIC) at Keele University in 2015.

Ash left the University of Brighton in 2016 to set up Green Spiral Consulting and has since worked with a range of clients at the interface between the voluntary sector, education, and creative industries. 

Ash is also an activist, artist, and creative writer. He is passionate about trans and non-binary visibility in the arts, and is the lead editor of the ‘TransVerse’ poetry anthology series.

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