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Dr Amelia Peterson

Amelia is a social scientist with a background in policy and consulting. She studies education reforms and their relationship to social, geographic and labour market inequalities.

Prior to LIS, Amelia was an LSE Fellow in Social Policy. She has also taught and supervised students at the University of Bristol and at Harvard, where she received her PhD.

Dr Ash Brockwell

Ash is an artist, writer, and consultant.

Ash has spent time in Tanzania and the UK successfully working on issues around education, sustainability, diversity, and wellbeing.

Dr Bronwyn Tarr

Bronwyn is a human behavioural scientist interested in the evolution of social behaviours, particularly music and dance.

Bronwyn completed her DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford, where she has continued her research in evolutionary anthropology and psychology.

Prof. Carl Gombrich

Carl has joined the LIS team from UCL to lead on curriculum design, teaching and learning. Carl has degrees in Maths, Physics and Philosophy and was a professional opera singer before joining UCL in 2002. In 2010, he was appointed Programme Director of the interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (BASc) programmes and led the design, development, launch and implementation of the degree, from a first cohort of 84 students in 2012 to a steady state of over 450 students in 2018. Carl is a regular speaker at events on interdisciplinarity and liberal arts and sciences both in the UK and abroad…. Read more »

Chris Persson

Chris was entrepreneurial from a young age. His first job was as a plate cleaner in a bakery at the age of 14 from which he swiftly moved through the ranks to become chief cinnamon bun maker! Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug Chris hasn’t looked back since. From selling bicycles and environmentally friendly truck washing equipment in Stockholm to owning a pub in London, Chris later went on to join the innovative executive education consultancy group, BTS. With a strong digital background, Chris pioneered digital healthcare solutions at Vielife (sold to Cigna Healthcare) and introduced digital solutions to thousands of… Read more »